Managed Services

Flexible solutions for a complete managed recruitment service.

We understand recruitment. And because of that, we understand just how much time a company loses trying to juggle the complexities of multiple recruitment agencies. To help you overcome this, Reed has developed market leading solutions for managed services, ensuring you win back time and savings for your business.

We deliver managed services in Singapore across the globe, giving us the experience to develop bespoke solutions for every organisation’s needs. We know that one size does not fit all – that’s why we spend time and energy crafting managed recruitment solutions that are flexible and tailored to your requirements.

We offer the following managed services models:

  • Master Vendor – Reed acts as first tier supplier for all roles
  • Neutral Vendor – Reed and supply chain receive roles at the same time
  • Hybrid – A combination of the above, first pioneered by Reed United Kingdom

Our solutions do more than just manage your recruitment needs – we also act as your personal employment mentors.
Lee Gudgeon - Managing Director, United Kingdom

We will provide you with an account management team of recruitment experts and access to real-time management information. We’ve also designed our own easy-to-use technology platform, allowing instant access to all aspects of the ordering process.

As the primary provider, we will manage a supply chain on your behalf. We’ve carefully selected and approved our support suppliers, so you can rest assured we will always have you covered.

Our managed service solutions guarantee both immediate and long-term cost savings, as well as the peace of mind that your recruitment needs are in safe hands.​

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